Taxi Driver Training

Do you want to become a Taxi Driver?

Here at Progress Driver Training, we have a wealth of experience in teaching drivers to pass the Taxi and Private Hire Test. Please contact us for more information.

Once you have completed the training we can book your test. On arrive at your selected driving test centre a DVSA Driving Test Examiner will check your driving licence and confirm your address. You will be asked if you would like your trainer to sit in on your test. If you decide you don’t want your trainer in the car, the examiner will ask, at the end of your test if you would like your trainer to sit in on the debrief. On your way to the car, the examiner will check your eyesight by asking you to read a car registration plate over 20.5m from any vehicle. You will then be informed of what is required from you and that an emergency stop might be part of your driving test.

Once in the car you will be given instructions for the drive and asked to move off when you are ready.

You will be asked to park on the left side of the road and move off when you are ready several times. This is to illustrate that pulling up and pulling away from the kerb is a regular manoeuvre any taxi driver has to do.

Part of the taxi test is to turn the vehicle around to pick up a customer in the opposite direction. How you turn the car around is entirely up to you. This is based on the road you are on and using the safest method.

The examiner will ask you to complete up to ten minutes of independent driving. Independent driving is conducted in two ways or a combination of both. You will be asked to follow road signs and road markings to a place or town. The other method is to show you a diagram of roads and junctions for you to follow. The examiner will explain the directions to you and ask you to repeat them back. You maybe asked to park your vehicle and a second set of instructions will be given to you to follow. At the end of the exercise the examiner will let you know that the independent driving part of the driving test is completed.

When you return to the test centre car park the examiner will ask you some Highway Code and taxi driver related questions.

The hourly rate for taxi training is £25 per hour; For more information please contact me on 07815 687268 or email